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Hair Color


* Skip your shampoo the day of your appointment, but please make sure it is manageable.

* If you use a root cover up spray or powder we do recommend washing it out before your appointment because sometimes the color may not penetrate enough to cover hair. 


*We do recommend waiting 24 hours after you color to wash your hair. As this gives the cuticle of your hair a chance to close to hold in color. 

*Hair color is only guaranteed with the purchase of a quality shampoo and conditioner from your stylist.


*If swimming in ocean or pool be sure to wet your hair with fresh water before swimming. This helps to prevent hair from absorbing salt water  or chlorinated water which can be harsh on your hair color.

*To prolong hair color try to not wash your hair everyday. Side note: Dry shampoo will be your new best friend!

Brazilian Blowout


*If you get your hair colored it is recommended to do your hair color prior to having the Brazilian Blowout treatment. It can be done the same day if desired but keep in mind the Brazilian Blowout treatment is a lengthy appointment and added to color can make for a long salon visit. 

*We will wash your several times before your treatment with a special PH balancing shampoo prior to the service. It is unnecessary to wash you hair before. 


*Your hair is soft and silky, We would recommend waiting 24 hours to shampoo to allow your hair cuticle to close. Again, this is just a recommendation you hair will be fine if you decide to shampoo it.

Use a good quality sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to prolong your treatment. The Brazilian Blowout is only guaranteed if you are using the Brazilian Blowout shampoo and conditioner since its perfectly PH balanced for your hair and will give you the best results.

*If swimming in the ocean or pool be sure to wet your hair with fresh water to prevent hair from absorbing salt or chlorine. 

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